iPads for all – ESSA Academy

Essa Academy has given its staff and students  iPads.


I wonder how many were damaged over Christmas? Who fixes them when they are damaged?

The students also say how they like it when they can email their teacher questions in the evening when doing their homework – are all the teachers expected to be online in the evenings too? I know some teachers will want to be there 24/7 for their pupils but you can’t expect everyone to do it all of the time? Do they get paid to be working in the evenings as well and during the day?

So many questions, but still an interesting idea!


Monsters University

We’re having LOTS of fun looking at this awesome website: http://monstersuniversity.com

Loving that you can choose the number of arms you’d like on your official apparel, the subjects offered, the clubs and societies available to join. The designers must have had so much fun building this!!!

Thanks to @hopkinsdavid for sharing this on twitter!