Pinterest in Education

Following on from the previous Pinterest post, below is an infographic that shows some ways in which it can be used for educational purposes:

16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest
From: Online Universities Blog

I think being able to ‘pin’ video, websites and articles could really boost its educational potential – but then again it works great for all other non-educational purposes 🙂

Many thanks to @coolcatteacher for sharing this on twitter


Using Mahara with Moodle

Earlier this month I presented at MoodleMoot in Dublin, Ireland. MoodleMoot is an annual national conference for all Moodle users (the open source software that myCourse runs off at Southampton Solent University), although the conference has international attendees. This year the conference was combined with the Irish moot and held in Dublin.

My presentation was on the subject of Using Mahara with Moodle (Mahara is the open source software that myPortfolio runs off at SSU). You can view my presentation via SlideShare:

Alternatively you can look at it below, in order to get all of the animations:

Using Mahara with Moodle