The Pleasure of a Tweet

The RSA has released this video suggesting why modern electronic messaging is so addictive, and it is all related to pleasure, but not necessarily the way you might think.



Google’s New Privacy Policy and you

Google have announced that from March they will be implementing a new unified privacy policy, removing the ring-fence that had previously existed around your Google search data, and combining it with data collected from any other Google products you use.

Though we don’t like to advocate tech paranoia, keeping your personal data as secure as possible is usually wise. This change in policy is really only going to affect people who use their Google accounts habitually, and it remains to be seen whether Google will exploit the change in negative ways.

However, people tend to see the relationship they have with their favoured search engine as as confidential as the confessional, and if you want to maintain that privacy in your Google accounts, you’re going to want to remove your Google search history and change your settings. have this simple tutorial for achieving this.


The BBC recently launched their new Share Take Care campaign – all about internet safety.   It raises concerns about how you use social media and in particular, how much you share online.  Safeguard your reputation – don’t share too much!  For more information, visit the Radio 1 website.

Should students be able to switch university?

A very interesting article from the Guardian arguing the case for allowing student to swap university, easily. Of course this is a contentious issue but could it be the future of high education? And what role would technology play?

Read the article here: