BBC: Screen test for the online classroom

Is the future online learning? The concept of learning online is certainly not new, in fact here at Solent we use a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) using Moodle, we call it myCourse.

But what about a free global classroom? It certainly has the support of some prominent figures, including Bill Gates.

What are the learning implications of this? If students are going off independantly to further/ develop their learning does that make it harder for teachers to assess their level of knowledge, does it reduce their control and influence?

If you want to read more then you can find the article on the BBC website:


What Do Students Do In Libraries?

Alison Head talks to the Harvard Library Innovation Laboratory about a study she has done with Michael Eisenberg about students use of electronic equipment in libraries.

They found the results surprising. You can read more about it here: Alison Head on what students do in libraries.

I particularly love how everything we ever assume about the way younger people use technology always seems to be squashed the instant any scrutiny is applied to it.

Edutainment – Making people smarter with games!

This video showcases how games are making kids better problem-solvers, and how it will make us better at everything else, from multi-tasking to learning. It also gives a possible insight into how technology and gaming can be used to improve teaching.

Domesday and Microsoft Surface

BBC’s Domesday project, a multimedia archieve of life in the 1980s as seen by the public, has got a new lease of life for an exhibition at the National Museum of Computing.

The new display uses interactive touchscreen technology, that allows multiple users to interact separate on the same screen.

You can read more about the project here.

The technology can have a multitude of uses for both commercial and educational reasons. It is very similar to, or may in fact be Microsoft Surface technology, using the Samsung SUR40 hardware.
Microsoft Surface
If you want to find out more about Microsoft Surface then please look at their website.